Phone Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Caring Generates Leads – Closes Deals

Previous and staple customers gradually tend to get less care due to fewer contacts- this happens with every other company. Though the companies don’t bother much, this bothers customers, often unknowingly. The issues and specifically the troubles they face are unasked, unnurtured. Search The Lead takes their care. This is both caring and collecting leads.

Kill Potential Issues

We dare to ask already engaged clients to uncover what they are going through. Our tele-experts feel their pain, offer them solutions. The Phone Customer Satisfaction Survey helps us spot and take care of the potential issues before they arise.

Repetitive Sale Opportunity 

Often hooking the same customer ensures recursive results- we speak from practice! And phone surveys provide this additional opportunity along with a bunch of others that other means and media could have never availed.

Makes Customers Rethink

A phone survey gives you enough scope to deliver your analytics. This works magically on persuasions and at times self-coerces customers to reconsider. As a result, number of B2B closings is boosted as well!

Here are a few reasons why Phone Customer Satisfaction Surveys should be part of your customer relationship management strategy:

Find Areas for Improvement

Talking to your customers by phone gives Search The Lead the chance to help uncover the “real story” of what’s going on with your customer relationships – people will often be more candid when talking with a 3rd party survey rep than they will when talking to their usual point of contact or sales person.

Customer surveys can help uncover problems before they grow and spread – it’s better to talk with a customer before they become an “unhappy customer” who is ready to jump ship to a competitor.

Create Repeat Sales Opportunities

Doing phone surveys of customers is also an indirect opportunity to generate additional sales leads – not by going out and finding new customers, but by finding new opportunities to sell to current customers. Phone surveys often uncover hidden “pain points” and possible issues that can be shared with your sales team – our survey reps can ask open-ended questions to learn more about what’s going on with your customers’ businesses, and this can often lead to follow-up calls from your sales people.

Boost Customer Retention
Customer phone surveys are often a great way to show your customers that you care, and that you want to make sure they are having a good experience. Something as simple as a phone survey – with a real person on the line, asking thoughtful questions and really listening – can sometimes make the difference between losing a customer or strengthening the customer relationship and boosting your retention rates.
Clarify Your Value Proposition
Talking to your customers by phone helps us understand more about what your company is doing well, which customers are happy, why your customers are satisfied, and how your company compares to the competition. Along with checking in on customers, this process can help identify valuable insights to support your overall marketing strategy.

Details of Search The Lead’s Customer Survey Process

It’s All Organic

We hate automated calls and surveys therefrom. The same goes for robocalls, traditional check-boxes, and cookie-cutter polls- we refrain. Search The Lead cold calling and survey team calls embed trust and value it in the end. On instances, we train, retrain, and rehearse them every interval. This ultimately gives rise to professionality, credibility.

Lead Gen and Appointment setup skills align well with it

Note that it’s the same skills that our B2B sales consultants use for setting appointments and lead generation are also applicable to conducting customer surveys by phone.

Every client’s needs are different

We will work with you to create a customized customer survey that will hone in on your specific concerns and challenges. We will identify the right questions to ask. We will handle the phone conversations in a way that inspires candid and helpful feedback.

So what do you get as a result?

Valuable insights, actionable business intelligence, and a better understanding of how to keep your customers happy, how to make better strategic decisions, and how to strengthen your customer relationships!

Ready to reach your customers with a customer satisfaction survey? Talk to Search The Lead today for a free quote.

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